Mh4u speedrun

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Mh4u speedrun

Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Eliminates damage reactions, prevents wind effects, protects your hearing, and grants tremor resistance. You also receive less damage from attacks.

MH4U The Master's Test (Charge Blade) - 6'44''40

I just used it for the first time shortly after the Safi update on PC, now for the first time the mantle was broken apart after taking just a few hits. Was maybe op in MHW but if you rely on that alone against Iceborne elders you'll get open up like a can of coke in 3 hits. I'm wondering if the same people complaining about this being a noob item are also the same people complaining kirin is OP If you still call someone a noob after completing that, you have to get yourself checked.

Mommy's not gonna breastfeed you anymore, you spoiled incel. The moment I get that cape, I'll be busy bumping noobs to their favorite armors You EARNED this and therefore have every rights to use it there's also the fact that you still take damage so if you get cocky you'd still die as usual. Anyone saying this is a crutch can just whiff every big attack they do from now on.

If someone wants to use this, they're fine to use it. If you're gonna kick someone cause they have SOME item, then stop playing online you prick. Seriously, if this game was a handheld portable, what would you do when you match up with some kid on a train wearing this? Take his DS and snap it in half to teach him some lesson?

Screw off. Love how people say this is a noob crutch when Temporal mantle is te more broken and noob friendly one. This item sucks.

Good players don't need it, good players don't use it. It's a crutch for lazy players who want to play the game on "easy mode". Real Monster Hunter players don't need this item. I had just defeated tempered kirin solo and it was complete hell now i have to do 3 different ones?!?

Really good mantle. You are a tank w this. The increased armor is quite a lot. Both physical and element.

Husqvarna triple bagger

It doesn't seem to protect from the super move of lunastra tho. Damage is more or less the same. However, since you won't stagger, it's much easier to escape from it. It has to be unique tempered elder dragons. I've killed 45 Vaal Hazaks, and I just unlocked it after killing my first temepered Teostra. Sign In Help Sign Out.Monster Hunter: World has officially been out for just over a year now on consoles, about half of that on PCand players have been eagerly slashing away at monsters alone or with friends since.

There are a ton of different ways you can go about combat in this game, with 14 different weapon types, they each have their own unique flavor and combat flow, and each with their own in-depth and diverse upgrade trees. There is no one weapon that is objectively better than the others, and every weapon is effective with a certain playstyle or within a certain group if you aren't playing solo.

That being said, certain weapons excel easier than others, and there are some that just fall behind a bit.

Raymond zananiri

I've taken a look at some community opinions on weapons and combined it with my own experience in the game to make a list of my personal ranking for every weapon in Monster Hunter: World. Coming in at number 14 are the Dual Blades. Simply put, these things have absolutely bonkers damage potential, capable of chaining incredibly long combos together that rack up damage fast. Using these means you forego any type of defense, requiring you to roll when in danger, but once you learn a monster's mechanics, this isn't too big of an issue.

Once you get into Demon and Archdemon mode, you'll be a force to be reckoned with. At number 13 I have the Long Sword. This is a pretty versatile weapon that's relatively easy to understand how to use effectively; combine that with the long reach and ability to roll out of most attack chains, and it's one of the most well-rounded weapons in the game.

Each attack with the Long Sword fills the weapon's Spirit Guage, enabling Spirit Attacks that will not bounce off a monster's hide and deal extra damage. Number 12 is the Light Bowgunan excellent choice for players who like a ranged playstyle and prefer to have a high-level of movement. While this weapon doesn't have the highest range, it does have a fast fire rate, meaning you can keep quick sustained damage on a target.

You can supply this weapon with different types of ammo to apply different effects too; make sure you do your homework on the monster you're hunting. The Charge Blade is one of the most complicated weapons in the game, but learning how it works is worth the effort.

The former is used to build up a charge in the weapon's phial system, and the latter is used to unleash that phial bonus. The Bow is a highly versatile ranged weapon that allows for a lot of mobility, a ludicrously high damage per second, and unlimited ammo. However, the Bow requires a high-level of knowledge both with the Bow itself and the monster that you're fighting in order to be used to its fullest capabilities. Figure out the monster's weak point and stay inside your optimal range, and this weapon can't steer you wrong.

The Heavy Bowgun has a very high range and has a pretty high damage per shot, too. Keep in mind that it's going to limit your mobility quite a bit and you're going to need to supply your own ammo, just like with the Light Bowgun, but the damage potential and kiting possibilities make this weapon a solid choice for a ranged playstyle. Another weapon with a phial system and two forms, the Switch Axe is pretty versatile, with good reach and damage and a high level of mobility, especially when in the sword mode.

The sword mode is when you're going to be using the phials you've stored up, and when you're going to see an incredible amount of damage come in. This is another one of those weapons you'll need to take some time to learn properly but is worth your time.

The Great Sword has the highest damage per hit of any weapon in the game. It does have a definite lack of mobility; you'll need to make sure you're positioning yourself wisely because you can't rely on moving with any quickness. The sword itself can block; it's the weakest block of anything in the game, but it's better than getting hit with full force.I have been discovering countless ways to lock monsters with the Greatsword to achieve top tier speedrun times.

The Greatsword is no stranger to this technique, in past games the Greatsword because of its huge single hits was able to infinite stagger various different monsters to death. The following are the my known Greatsword locking methods in MHW along with video examples. How to do: This technique relies on the monster having a long stagger animation and a low enough stagger threshold to do infinitely.

The idea is simple, hit Kushala Daora in the head with a hit over its stagger threshold value immediately after he gets out of his stagger animation.

How to do: This technique to work properly actually relies on hitting stagger thresholds every once in a while to give you enough time to build up damage for the next mount. It works only on monsters that fly straight up after being mounted and don't go crazy in flashed state. To do trick quickly dismount monster after a mount and flash the monster in order to get them to land back up over the ledge. This locking method is a little RNG but works quite well on monsters like Teostra and Vaal Hazak since they like to stand still after being flashed.

How to do: So far I have only proven this works on Anjanath, I tried some other monsters but could not get it to work the same. To start this strat you need to encounter Anjanath in a part of the map he doesn't wana fight in.

If staggered out of his leaving roar, he will continuously attempt to roar again until he is ready to sleep, in which case he will limp to his nest and the loop chain will be broken. How to do: This trick has promise to work on many monsters in many areas, this works similar to Scream Locking except instead of looping the screams, you infinite loop stagger the monsters using the fall animation to give you time to set up next TCS. How to do: This style of locking combines many of the above locks to achieve an optimal run.

As you can see there is a lot tricks that have been discovered for us Greatsword users to play with, the goal of my post was to inform people out there to think outside the box, and if you have a crazy idea to go test it out or be vocal about it. This game has so many interesting mechanics that have yet to be fully explored.

Hello, Hunters! Spring fest is still going strong, how many tempered Jhos can we really kill?!

mh4u speedrun

Usual Disclaimer here, my experience with Greatsword is mostly steeped in the older games. It's been since the original game that I've mained the weapon and have little info on how to build it, just play it. Greatsword You….Diablos are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter. Diablos are large, bipedal wyverns with powerful armor plating covering much of their body. Their most noteworthy feature is a pair of massive, solid bull-like horns above their red eyes.

Diablos also possess a pair of tusk-like fangs and a large, spiny neck frill. Their tail ends with a heavy, studded club that can be used to ward off attackers. Diablos stand on a pair of stocky, wide-set legs and possess a broad upper body complete with thick, muscular wings. Diablos have the ability to burrow into the earth and travel underground, employing this tactic to surprise unsuspecting targets or slip away from a dangerous encounter.

In addition, they are capable of producing a powerful roar that will stun most aggressors. Using their powerful legs in tandem with their heavy upper body and head, Diablos can run at high speeds to charge attackers with their horns, using the powerful momentum to maximize the potential for damage.

Diablos are herbivores, known to feed on the plentiful cacti of the desert. Despite this however, they are wildly aggressive and extremely territorial, and will pursue anything which enters their territory. Diablos are known to use their horns as weapons against attackers, but will also use them in bouts against other Diablos in battles for territory or mating rights.

Diablos typically avoid flight for the purpose of transportation, as a disproportionally high mass prevents them from effectively flying for long periods of time. Instead, Diablos will use their wings to free themselves when trapped in the sand. Diablos are commonly found in dry, arid desert environments. The soft, loose earth allows for digging and the water-rich cacti provide them with both nutrition and hydration. HC Diablos has a new more powerful look, it has very large horns, stronger, vein covered wings,and more muscle mass.

It also has new moves and behavior. When it digs, it will pick a target and dig back out at a surprising speed, leaving a trail of large rocks raining everywhere it digs and a new tail attack. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ].

Click on Expand to see contents. General Notes Diablos is said to have been inspired by a Kaiju Giant Monster [1]although no particular one was mentioned. In addition, its head and face seem to be inspired by the skulls of various Ceratopsians, as well as the tusks of pachyderms and boars.

If Diablos is hit when underground i. It's seen with the Cephadrome in her mouth, even though it's normal for it to attack with its horns. Diablos' roar requires HG Earplugs to block. Despite being similarly sized when compared with a Monoblos, it can only be carved 3 times and its tail once, while the Monoblos can be carved 4 times and its tail twice. Supposedly there is a giant red Diablos referred to as "a king among its kind".

It is only ever seen or talked about in Monster Hunter Illustrations volume one on the Diablos ecology page. In these quests, players fight the one-horned "Demon King Diablos", which has higher health than a Diablos of the same rank, and higher attack and defense than any Diablos.

Diablos has a new attack, taking the form of a quick, forward lunge. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Diablos's back can be broken. Diablos can only be found at G-rank.Monster Hunter World is a triple A action role playing game that captured the eyes of real hardcore gamers.

mh4u speedrun

The game Monster Hunter has always been one of the best game franchises in history, but Monster Hunter World exceeded all expectations even by Capcom itself. The game sold It only scored 6 out of 10 on Steam, though most of its negative feedbacks were dated from when the game was released. We scanned the reviews through Steam to find the reasons of its low rating, and we found out that a lot of the negative comments came from players who quit abruptly due to the fact that the game was difficult for them and the weapons were not user friendly.

Chaotic Gore Magala

While it is true that all 14 weapons have very unique mechanics, practicing what you really like would benefit your hunting life a lot. Also, it is imperative to know that some weapons can be effective against a certain monster but may be less effective against others. So if you are a solo player, it is important for you to know which weapons you should look after. Just sit tight and continue reading as we unfold the top 10 best weapons in Monster Hunter World for solo players.

Light Bowgun is one of the most versatile weapons in Monster Hunter World. As a matter of fact, this weapon is one of the few that can be effective against ALL monsters even for average players. Also, this weapon is very user friendly making it one of the easiest weapons to use. This weapon may not hit as hard as other weapons, but you can get a lot of mobility in using this. Some of the ammos can shoot at very far distances, keeping you safe from any monsters you encounter.

Just a downside though, even if the weapon is extremely easy to use the weapon can be very complicated in terms of builds. It has tons of build setups that a beginner may find difficult to understand.

Switch Axe is a very powerful weapon in Monster Hunter World which utilizes stored energy phial system to deliver strong attacks against monsters. This weapon has two main forms; the axe mode and the sword mode.

Frontier: Monsters

The sword mode on the other hand inflicts more damage than the axe mode but will make you less mobile. You can switch between modes to inflict huge damage and at the same time maintain mobility. The Switch Axe may be difficult to master because of its complexity and its powerful attacks can be often slow, but once you get used to it, shall then you will realize its true potential.

Hammer according to most users is the most fun to use in Monster Hunter World. If you are the type of hunter who wants to inflict status ailments to a monster so you could land stress-free hits, then hammer could just be your weapon of choice. This blunt weapon can stun monsters multiple times in the whole duration of the hunt giving you the chance to deal free hits against ANY monsters.

You just need to make sure that you will hit the head to inflict stun status on the monster, and when the stun status ailment reached a threshold, then the monster will simply fall on the ground giving you a lot of time to hit further. Heavy Bowgun is definitely the best in terms of damage per second, making this bad boy a weapon of choice for many speedrunners. Take note that the very first player to solo Behemoth the strongest monster in MHW to date used Heavy Bowgun, and Behemoth is one of the two monsters that have a fixed HP pool.

This means that its health points is the same regardless if you fight it alone or with other players. Though Heavy Bowgun is the best damage dealer, it requires very rare equipment to take advantage of.

It also has very complicated builds comparable to light bowguns, and is definitely the least in terms of mobility. If you are into glaives or Kung Fu, then this weapon might be just for you.Ukanlos closely resembles Akantor and Odibatorasu in body structure and possesses the same quadrupedal gait.

It has a silvery-white carapace which features a row of large, jagged fins along its back. It has a small, compact face which features glowing yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and a massive, shovel-like chin. Its massive serrated shovel-like chin allows it to fling up large chunks of ice and to dig into the frozen icy surface. Once underground, the row of large razor sharp fins running along its spine help it to cut through the ice while swimming.

This swimming can also cause large chunks of ice to be sent flying. It can produce a devastating ice beam from its mouth, and is known to use its heavy body weight to crush opponents. Despite its great size and weight, Ukanlos is known to be able to leap significant distances by slamming its massive tail on the ground to propel it forward. Ukanlos has only ever been encountered in remote, frozen regions.

In the Old World, it has been found exclusively in the farthest reaches of the Snowy Mountains. In the New World, it has been sighted in the Polar Fieldclose to the sea.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. General Notes Ukanlos's jaw, chest, front legs and back can be broken. Its tail can also be severed and carved twice. Many of its attacks are also used by Akantor. Melee fighters should not notice any real difference between fighting Akantor and Ukanlos, besides learning how to avoid its Swim attack and the falling chunks of ice caused by some attacks. The Ice Beam and shovel attacks are of no concern to melee fighters who are attacking the inside of its right leg.

Riverdale 3 google docs

Ukanlos's Ice Crash falling chunks of ice attack somewhat homes to the nearest target before crashing onto them. Its tail swing the snow dusts has an additional effect of giving the 'Snowman Status'.

Ukanlos' roar requires HG Earplugs to block and causes damage to hunters. Throwing a Sonic Bomb before its Ice Beam protrudes from its mouth will make it drop a shiny.

Fivem spawn last location

It will also stagger. Doing this does not put the Ukanlos into Rage Mode. Although Ukanlos is not in Monster Hunter 4you can trade for its materials at the Wyporium. This was kept in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimatedespite Ukanlos appearing in person.

Defeating Ukanlos allows the creation of 'G Weapons'. These are improved versions of Low or High Rank weapons. Defeating the Ukanlos will also allow the player to upgrade their Low and High Rank armor further to G-rank defense levels.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Ukanlos does not get a pin attack. It will be fought in a new area that resembles a frozen cave, called the Polar Field. It has a new ice beam move, similar to Plesioth 's Horizontal Water Blast. After the initial beam, a small twister is created and chunks of ice will be splashed out.

When it roars, chunks of ice fall from the ceiling. It also gains a new attack where it launches three chunks of ice skyward while turning its body sharply to the right. If the Ukanlos does not do its swimming attack, a puff of snow will indicate where it will resurface.Monster Hunter gives you the role of a hunter in a world full of fantastic and amazing creatures. These monstrous beasts are your game, and you'll use every bit of these monsters for creating new armor, weapons, and items.

Go questing in groups of four with your friends online, working as a team to slay and trap them. If you do a forum search for "G Rank Alatreon", there were some dudes who wanted a quest poster for that before it was publicly available so they could do a sequel to their HR Ala speedrun. They're some of the only English speaking players I've seen with an interest in doing speed run vids.

Plenty of videos of him being staggerlocked to death by 4 gunners with dragon shots. On a side note, it's possible and easy to stag lock an abyssal to death with just a 2 man team. It just requires a little bit more timing for the combine and reloads in order to get the shots ready for when he recovers from the stags when four people can achieve a constant shot stream with mindless button mashing. On a side, side note, the most impressive speedruns i've seen so far were solo runs.

mh4u speedrun

Those runs definitely require a high mastery level that i wish i hadwhen team runs are mostly based on exploiting a flaw in the game design and balance. Anyway, if you happen to be online on the evening EU timei wouldn't mind an abyssal run, my usual partner still needs some dynamos tbh.

I host in Help! D unless i have a specific goal yeah, trying to be a good student form now on and the room's name is "Hiro", feel free to pop in and ask. I'm not even sure how to do a speed run in MH, but I've heard people used to do it in Tri.

I wish I could offer advice, but I wouldn't mind seeing the video if you end up making it. Will you explain the set up and how to during it, or are you going for more entertainment. It's possible to stagger lock abyssal solo using only chakra. All you need to do is shoot a little bit upwards and always wait until he finish the stagger movement. Edit 2: Felicia, the above statement is why. It's very easy to exploit his weakness. I've had times like 3 min with 3 blademasters in the team with many mistakes and bad weapon choices.

With 4 gunners Muffin, Edel, Sam and I did in 40 s or something like that. I'd probably be down for any speed run, since my alt needs materials for everything anyway. But to be honest, the hardest part of a speedrun is finding how to lock the monster and how to exploit his major weakness.

Sometimes it's not as easy as it sounds. We have added some common shortcuts to Capcom-Unity. Below is a current list of what is supported, we may add new ones in the future. Owner: Capcom Admin. About: Monster Hunter gives you the role of a hunter in a world full of fantastic and amazing creatures.

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