Bench press program reddit

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Bench press program reddit

Even if you don't compete in the sport of powerlifting, you can learn a thing or two about how to improve your bench press from competitors' training routines. Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three lifts: the bench press, squat and deadlift.

You get three tries to lift the most combined weight possible to beat out your competitors. Because the amount of weight you bench is intrinsic to powerlifting success, your obvious goal during powerlifting training routines is to develop the muscle, power and form to enable you to lift the most weight you can.

The best powerlifting routines combine multiple sets of a small number of reps, completely different than the three to four sets of eight to 12 reps routines of bodybuilders. They also include a lighter day to work on technique and force production. The Westside Barbell powerlifting routines come from the Ohio-based gyms and coaching of Louie Simmons, an acclaimed strength coach and powerlifter.

His gyms are the only ones in the world that have produced multiple athletes who can press more than 2, pounds. The approach to lifting involves four workouts per week, with two being for the lower body and two for the upper body. A typical heavy bench day starts with eight to 12 sets of one to three reps of a a max effort bench press. You then do two to four sets of six to 10 reps of the following:. The second upper-body strength day of the week is more dynamic and functional.

It begins again with focus on the bench press resisted with a band, using a lighter weight than your earlier workout of the week. Do nine sets of about three reps.

Follow with two to four sets of six to 10 reps of the following:. Brad Gillingham is a world-ranked powerlifter. He developed a bench press powerlifting routine that involves doing one light day and one heavy day each week. On the light bench press day, you'll start week one with two sets of eight reps and week two will involve the eight sets of three reps.

Use weights that vary between 60 percent and 77 percent of your max. Continue to alternate the two workouts once per week for the 12 weeks as the second bench press day.

Doug Young won the world title in powerlifting multiple times and coached Arnold Schwarzenegger in increasing his muscle size. This is not a routine for the beginning lifter. Next, he completed two one-rep sets at pounds. Rest was 3 to 5 minutes between each one-rep set.

My bench program

He finished the routine with nine reps at pounds and 14 reps at pounds. He'd do this complete workout three times per week and, over the course of eight months, he added considerable muscle to his bench press. While you might not be able to lift the exact weight of this champion powerlifter, you get the idea. Start with a weight that's 80 percent of your max and slowly add 5 to 10 percent for each consecutive lift until you reach your one-rep max.

Finish the bench press portion of your workout with multiple reps at a lighter weight. Read More : Powerlifting Chest Workout.

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Fitness Workouts Chest Exercises. Andrea Boldt. Andrea Boldt has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. A personal trainer, run coach, group fitness instructor and master yoga teacher, she also holds certifications in holistic and fitness nutrition. Powerlifters move some serious weight. These are sample routines; the Westside program has you change exercises every three weeks.

Challenge yourself for one rep.The ultimate marker of strength is the barbell bench press. But chances are, you're doing it very wrong. Ninety percent of all strength issues with the bench press have absolutely nothing to do with muscular weakness. It's all about technique. You teach a guy how to properly set up to press and he'll get stronger instantly. If you want to bench heavy weight and blow past any sticking point, there's a position you absolutely must get your body into every time you bench.

The key is tightness, and without this stable position, technique will crumble. I call this the "tight tucked" position — "tucked" referring to the fact the feet are pulled up so they're below the body, as opposed to out in front and to the sides.

The bench press is a whole-body exercise. If you're just letting your legs hang out and simply lying on the bench, you're severely limiting how much you can press. Imagine having a string that's hooked to the ceiling and connected to your sternum. You want to set your chest and keep it up.

If it falls flat at any time during the lift, you're in trouble. Once your feet are tucked and your chest is up, inch your shoulders toward your feet while pulling your upper back and lats together and digging your heels into the floor.

Squeeze the shit out of it. This will activate all the muscles in your hands, forearms, and triceps, and reinforce the tightness from your lower body and torso to the bar.

You should be pretty damned uncomfortable. I'll wait until he's on the bench with his hands on the bar, and then I'll walk over and use my knee to push against his knee or torso. I want to see if he moves in any direction at all. If I can budge him, he's not ready to press the bar. You have to become one with the bench if you want to push heavy weight.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to try and lift the bar out of the rack. If you do that, your shoulder blades will rotate out and pull apart, and you'll lose all your tightness. Once you have the weight out, there's no way in hell you'll be able to put them back in position again. My solution is to have your spotter help you pull the bar out of the rack. Roll the bar forward, take a deep breath, fire your lats, and pull. When someone just unracks the bar and starts pressing, I have to wonder just what in the hell he's thinking.

That's like putting yourself into a freefall. It's a great way to knock out your teeth, too. Instead, set the bar. Waiting a few seconds will compress your elbows and traps and push you deeper into the bench.

Powerlifting Program Spreadsheets

With some guys you'll see a difference of maybe one to three inches that the bar will drop without them even bending their arms. All that compression just locks their body in tighter. When the bar's in line with your wrist joints and forearms, then what you have is what us powerlifters call a straight line.

And the strongest and shortest distance to move a heavy weight is through a straight line. Keeping the bar in line with your wrists and forearms will also save you undue stress to your wrists.The program is explained in great detail in this PDF. I have pulled out some of the most important parts in the below overviewbut if you wish the run the program I strongly recommend reading the PDF.

It includes much more detail and explains the methodology behind accessory selection, which is omitted here in the interest of brevity. Of course, if you enjoyed the program, please consider donating to Jonnie PayPal link on site. Thank you, L. Skill in bench press developed very well too but bar speed kept fast as effort on competition lift is low.

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Goal is simply working so hard that your body has no choice but to react to the collective stimulus. On week 3 a range is given it is intentional to allow for autoregulation based on the day.

How to Fix Wrist Pain - Working Out (6 WAYS!)

I recommend hitting the max end of that range at least once during the week. Expect great deal of soreness but near full recovery in between sessions. Goal is to hit some rep PRs but intentionally keeping it to a conservative 3 rep peak set followed by the next workout being a true 5 rep max at the end with backoff sets to keep volume up.

This question is similar to what constitutes an elite powerlifter in that there is no universally agreed upon answer, but it sounds official so we all just roll with it. So the real question is what is my personal definition of an advanced lifter? That entirely based on one aspect and one aspect alone.

Rate of progress.

bench press program reddit

It is entirely irrelevant if you bench press pounds or pounds for a 1 rep max. If you are unable to make consistent, testable ie not under the minimum increments in your gym progress each month then you are advanced by my definition.

Percentages already handle accommodating different strength levels easily. Deciding duration of the training cycle and approach to projected strength increase is the tricky part requiring more division based on advancement.

There are other perfectly valid definitions that shorten the time table to weekly progress for an intermediate and trackable progress straight from the previous workout to the next for novice.

The Candito Linear Program is a great strength program with 3 different variations that will…. This is another old school bench press peaking program spreadsheet. It attempts to add 20…. Beis in an early 's issue…. This has been fixed….The bench press is the king of upper body exercises. It's the most revered measure of a young lifter's weight lifting acumen and will add slabs of beef to the pecs, shoulders, and triceps few exercises can match.

Not surprisingly, the bench press has achieved near-mythic status in most gyms, so much so that there's no doubt a bill currently before Congress proposing Monday be officially renamed Bench Press Day. So why do so many lifters possess tiny bird chests and a bench press max that matches their IQ score? Performing the bench press correctly makes all the difference. Not just using correct form, but also proper weight selection, intelligent programming, appropriate assistance exercises, and understanding technique will all make or break bench press success.

It all starts with a proper setup. Your set up and technique depends upon whether your primary goal is to move the most weight or build the biggest chest. The big difference between the two is the use of the arch.

Powerlifters want to maximize their arch as it decreases the range of motion while increasing leverage, allowing more weight to be moved. Bodybuilders want less of an arch so that the muscle is worked through a greater range of motion.

Tucking the elbows at the bottom decreases shoulder rotation and takes stress off the shoulder joint. It also takes pressure off the pec tendon and decreases the chance of a pec tear, allowing more weight to be lifted through improved leverage.

While most lifters realize that using a wider grip will focus more on the chest and that a closer grip targets the triceps, few realize that how you grip the bar affects muscle recruitment. Selecting the appropriate grip ensures you're working with and not against your own strengths and leverages. Maintaining structural balance helps prevent injury while allowing you to lift the most weight. Identifying your weaknesses in the bench is relatively easy, assuming the problem isn't technique related.

My favorite exercise for fixing a lockout weakness is reverse band presses. Even though the exercise focuses on the lockout, it still allows you to work through a full range of motion and press the bar in a normal groove. It also teaches pushing the bar from the chest explosively. If you fail to do this, the momentum from the bands will be lost and locking out the weight will be very difficult.

Board presses are very effective for fixing your lockout. Depending on your arm length and where exactly the bar stalls, use between boards referring to the thickness when performing this exercise.

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Typically, boards are constructed from 2"x 6" pine boards and are usually nailed, screwed, or glued together to achieve the desired thickness. I've found that making the pressing area about 18" long and having a 6" handle works well. Technique issues aside, the ability to drive the bar off of the chest largely comes from the pectoral muscles and lats. Since I covered back training in my last articleI'll focus on strengthening the pecs. You must be careful when first using the MacDonald Bar or injury can easily occur due to the increased range of motion.

Also, expect the amount of weight you can use with the MacDonald Bar to initially be significantly less than your normal bench, especially if your primary weakness is at the bottom of the lift. Effective programming for the bench press requires well-planned progression, prevents overtraining, stimulates hypertrophy, and reinforces proper technique.

I've used the following program with clients that are looking to add pounds to their bench press and extra pec mass. It's not uncommon with this program to see a pound increase in a lifter's bench press over a week training period. The key is to start with an accurate max.

Often lifters overestimate their max or use a number they were previously capable of. It's essential to use a current true max that's obtained using proper form.

Failure to do so will only result in over training and difficulty progressing from week to week. Benching big weight builds crazy strength and upper body mass, and is also just plain fun as hell.I originally found it in a spreadsheet of a bunch of sheiko programs. I have to say the sheiko programs are simply amazing for the raw lifter. The man was a coach, not a programmer and thus anything you find online is merely an example of ONE four-six week cycle he used for ONE specific athlete training at ONE specific time.

Individual workout principles largely come from Prelipin google him. Basically, to achieve excellence at anything practise is needed. Of course, the human body can only handle so much and thus we need to practise in a way that facilitates a lot of practise and in the most efficient way. So, train off of Prelipins tables and train frequently.

The rest of the details need to come from your experience and your knowledge of yourself. That being said, deciding to do 6 cycles in a row would not be the best idea IMO.

Also, may I ask why you are leaving out the squat and deadlift? If you a 3 lift person, I would suggest working all three movements in this way at least for a while to investigate your success with it.

If you are a bench only person, doing something like 29 but only doing the bench is not nearly enough work. If all you do is bench, benching 4 days a week is a minimum IMO. Maybe do weeks at only 3, but then get your butt in gear. Instead of pushups I did 2 boards. It probably did more for my bench than any other program. Anyone have experience with the 12 week Dave Bates Sheiko routines? He designed one that Eric posted on here initially, and then a few others on his website.

Larry: Feel free to PM me. I myself have done a lot of the numbered programs as well and there is merit to trying them, but I just stress that following them blindly is a poor idea. We can chat more on PM about any questions you have and I can offer any suggestions from my experience.

bench press program reddit

I think the secret to my success was when I started constantly filming and evaluating things I was doing frequently. Sheiko Bench Routine Powerlifting. Has anyone here ran the sheiko bench specialization program? If so, what were the results like? Hope that helps. I will chime in with my 0. If you want to talk more feel free to PM me. Excellent insight, thank you very much for sharing, I sincerely appreciate it.Boris Sheiko, legendary Russian powerlifting coach, is renowned for the success of his athletes and the volume of his programs.

More of a loose working template than a strict program, many different variations of Sheiko powerlifting programs have been circulating Internet forums for years. Here is an attempt at gathering all of the most useful Sheiko spreadsheets in one place — all on Google spreadsheets better than PDF. Released inSheiko Gold is the new official powerlifting programming app from Boris Sheiko.

At the end of 30 days, it has enough observational data to begin building programs for you. There is no Android version yet, but supposedly that is in development.

Sheiko Gold is ready. FAQs in the pics above. Find all your answers there. There is also a dedicated Facebook group for Sheiko Gold. Determining which set of Sheiko programs to utilize relies upon the current skill level of the athlete. For equipped liftersa Russian powerlifting lifter classification chart can also be referenced:.

Review of Sheiko Programs 29, 30, 31, 32 :. Cookie cutter programs can never produce top results. They can produce excellent results, but there will always be room for improvement through individualization and autoregulation.

The programs have proven incredibly successful for a variety of top raw powerlifters across the globe. Lift Vault note : Sheiko never intended for these programs to be used widely on the Internet. They were written for individuals, not a general audience.

Sheiko Program 31, 32, 37 Review :. Sheiko will grind you down over the course of weeks and rebuild you as a probably very tired and annoyed better powerlifter. Most of the below programs are broken down into separate cycles on each tab. These tabs can be run individually or back to back, so the program lengths can range from 4 weeks all the way to 20 weeks, depending upon how many consecutive cycles are run together and the strength level of the athlete.

bench press program reddit

Sheiko programs have beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. To understand your experience level, please see the charts provided. These are rough guidelines. Listen to your body, see what you can recover from. A rough rule of thumb is that men and women below 80kg lbs should use a large load, over 80kg lbs should use a medium load, and over kg lb should use a small load. The relationship between load and bodyweight is inverted because lighter lifters tend to need more volume. The numbered Sheiko programs are each specific training blocks that can be combined to achieve different training effects.

You can see these training blocks referenced in the 3 Day under 80kg and 3 day over 80kg programs on Lift Vault.

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Yes, there are Sheiko beginner powerlifting programs available on Lift Vault. Yes, Robert Frederick shared a variation of Sheiko that emphasizes hypertrophy. Sheiko Beginner Program LiftVault.This is an auto-regulating workout routine designed specifically to help you bring your bench press numbers up. After you reach the end of each cycle, take a deload week before starting up again. Just make sure that you maintain a reasonable amount of assistance work, as this is a vital part of improving your bench press strength.

There is no need to train to failure. Again, do not train to failure. Perform as many reps as possible, stopping when your form breaks down, or when you feel like you might fail on the next rep.

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Starting with week 5, auto-regulation begins. Starting with week 6, you will be adding 5 pounds to the bar each week.

Jen Thompson’s Bench Press Program

When you are unable to hit 3 reps on a set you drop it. Continue this pattern of adding weight and dropping sets until you are no longer able to perform a triple for one set. Here is an example cycle for a lifter who currently has an estimated pound bench press.

Numbers are rounded down to the nearest 5 pounds. Continue adding 5 pounds each week. Again, when you are unable to hit 3 reps for a set, drop it. So if you can only perform 2 reps on your last set during week 6, you will be down to 4 working sets for week 7. When you are down to one set, keep adding weight week in and week out as long as you are hitting 3 reps.

After you fail to hit 3 reps for a single set, you may choose to try for a new PR the following week. Take a week completely away from benching, rest, and then test your max exactly one week later. Follow this with a deload week.

bench press program reddit

The following program is merely one option. This is not an easy program, nor is it light on volume. For improved results, use an aggressive eating plan while running this. The extra food usually goes a long way with helping your bench press numbers move up. Remember, no program is magic. If you run this program, please let us know how it went in the comments section below.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them below as well. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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